Digital Forensics Services

Preservation Of Data

A chain of custody protocol is critical to maintaining reliability and reducing the potential for evidence to be rejected in the case of litigation. The team at Grey Wolf is experienced at handling all types of chains of custody to prevent evidence from being tampered with during the examination. Preserving evidence is extremely critical to successful incident response and analysis. Every incident should be approached with the intent to pursue available legal remedies, so data preservation is critical, and Grey Wolf CyberSecurity can handle the task for you

Cybersecurity Digital Forensics Services

Know who accessed your network, what employees are doing all day and track down a data breach. Our forensic team gives you the tools to help you analyze computers, mobile devices, and network communications.

Introducing Grey Wolf’s Forensics as a Service (FaaS). FaaS is a robust computer forensics platform that leverages a cloud-based collection system so we can examine devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Partnering with Grey Wolf’s Law-Enforcement grade, “Forensics as a Service” is a cost-effective way to collect and examine for possible breaches or policy infractions within a true forensic environment. Our collection methods allow simultaneous data collection from multiple custodians, and locations while allowing the target to continue working without loss of productivity.

Regulators are increasingly requiring hospitals & medical practices to do their own “due diligence,” to examine the possible data breaches. Our FaaS solution can help.

  • Law Enforcement grade Forensic Tools
  • Auto cracks Bit-Locker full disk encryption
  • Secured Web-based Case Management
  • Locates target computers on any internet connection
  • Data collections sent to target as a self-collecting email
  • Full disk or targeted search preservations
  • Search or extract by hash, custom extensions
  • Optionally, profile target computers before collecting

Litigation Support & Expert Whitness

Do you need help with litigation support, file conversions or email searches?  Grey Wolf provides both support and forensic experts to help. Our customized reports log incidents and search criteria as evidence that is supported by the maintaining of a sound chain of custody. Our detailed reporting can mitigate cyber events and develop a plan to prevent future occurrences.  Lean on us as your trusted forensic expert and support team.

Evidence Collection

Grey WolfCyberSecurity has retired FBI agents as forensic computer examiners who will ensure the chain of custody is maintained throughout the entire incident response process. We quickly secure the electronic information needed to conduct a proper data forensics exam, and we apply sound methods that avoid damaging evidence while providing a clear picture and history of an incident. If your network was breached, or you have pending litigation, Grey Wolf CyberSecurity knows how to preserve best and collect data using only approved methods to maintain chain of custody protocols.

Expert Forensic Analysis

We uncover evidence using sophisticated methods and toolsets that are used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that not only reveal the current state but also recreate and preserve historical information. Our examination reveals not only see what has changed but when it changed, who changed it, how it changed from the point of impact to the present state. In most cases, we can retrace the behaviors of users and uncover evidence that can have a dramatic effect on investigations and litigation.

We Perform Incident Response In Four Stages


First, we examine the affected environment to determine the cyber impact of the event. Then we isolate the affected devices to ensure they are quarantined. Then we develop a security strategy to contain, eradicate and fix the site to prevent future breaches

Threat Identification & Containment

We use our forensic tool kit to identify the treat and limit the amount of damage caused by the attack and then to isolate the violation to the affected system.


We will preserve any evidence of either internal or external causes of the data breach for future dismissals or legal matters that may arise.


Once we identified how the cyber-villain gained access, what infection was planted into the system we can remove it. Not only will we remove the infectious programs or bugs, but we will evaluate the system to close any open vulnerabilities, preventing future attacks.

Confidentiality and BAA

Your secrets are safe with us. All of our letters of engagements have a confidential agreement attached. We are a certified HIPAA Business Associate firm so if you have been notified of a breach our response team works will work under one of those umbrellas or even attorney-client privilege when hired by a lawyer. We will provide all the details that your legal team may ask for, including answers to technical questions supplied in layman terms.

What Types of Forensics Can We Support?

Digital Forensic Consulting

Never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to, right? Well, our forensic team can help you avoid surprises and can help to prepare your strategy from collection through trial.

Expert Whitness Testimony

Our forensic examiners are experienced and most have worked for the FBI or other government agencies. The work history and certifications of our forensic team makes them virtually unimpeachable.

Data Recovery of Hard Drives, Tape Backup or NAS devices

The combination of our forensic and recovery tools means, whatever the cause, we can recover your data.

Accidental data loss

Data lost due to human errors such as formatting, reinstalling, or overwriting can be recovered. We can recover data from devices that have been damaged by power outages & power surges. We can fix problems caused by power supply issues.

Our fast and easy evaluation service is completely free. Once we received your device at our Alpharetta corporate office, we will inform you within 24 hours if your data is recoverable and you will receive a detailed report containing a fixed price offer.